Bellies to Babies Celebration

I am super excited to help spread the word about the Bellies to Babies Celebration; a place for moms to be. I’ve personally attended the event 3 times (I know!). I was a very eager first time mom and wanted to learn the absolute best products on the market, meet some amazing vendors and learn from some of the best in the industry.

The Pocket Sous Chef Launch #giveaway ends 10/17

Sponsor: Pocket Sous Chef Host: Mom Powered Media Do you want to fall in love with cooking again? It can be a challenge to love the kitchen when you don’t ever seem to get to spend “you” time there, I balance making 2 separate dinners to satisfy a toddler and the adults! Check out the The Pocket Sous Chef “Da Vinci’s Guide To Cooking For 1+1,” written by Your Life After

Towel Tag ID multi-use on bags

I don’t like germs. Since becoming a mom, I find myself doing more laundry and scrubbing more surfaces in an ever failing attempt to battle off the next cold, flu or sickess! Cold season is coming and I’m already in panic mode. I just discovered Towel Tag ID and I’m pretty excited to share them with my readers!

Makeup By One Direction

Do you have a teenager in your house? Someone who squeals and cranks the radio every time they hear One Direction? Or hey, do you have a secret (or right out there!) love for One Direction? Pretty sure some of us do! Don’t miss out on this great giveaway for an Autographed makeup by One Direction set! With 3 sets available in a collectors tin and 25 WINNERS, someone is going