Cirque du Soleil: TORUK flies into Vancouver!

{{ Contest is now closed – Congratulations to our winner Jennifer E.! }} 2 years ago, when I went to Las Vegas for my very first time (I know.. sigh), I made it my personal goal to take in as many Cirque du Soleil shows as I could squeeze into my weekend. I didn’t care what we missed, how much it cost, nada, I was seeing my shows! I was

ROAM Event

I’m going to drop a bit of a secret here… my blog is coming up on it’s 2 year blogiversary and I have never actually attended a blog conference. Can you believe that!? I have primarily managed to network online which has been both a blessing for my crazy anxiety, but I feel like it’s time. It’s time to put myself out there, to meet, rub elbows, love and encourage