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White Spot Pirate Pak Day

Ahoy Mates! ‘Tis that time of year again, one of my favouuurrrriiite times of year. The chance to be a kid again (who didn’t love the iconic White Spot boat when they were growing up?) all while helping send very deserving kids and young adults with life threatening illnesses and chronic disabilities to camp, this is the perfect chance to enjoy a family night out and support a fabulous charity.

White SPot Pirate Pak Day

It’s one of my favorite times of year again – not only can you go out for a family dinner and enjoy a good laugh at everyone rocking a pirate ship, but you can feel great doing it knowing that you are helping a very deserving charity with each boat you order! White Spot is one of our absolute favorite family meal spots and we’re happy to support sending kids

White spot Pirate Pak Day is coming!

Don’t forget that White Spot Pirate Pak day is coming! Mark August 13, 2014 in your calendar as a day you not only don’t have to cook but you are supporting sending local kids to camp! For every Pirate Pak purchased, White Spot will donate $2 to send an under privileged child to camp, as a child who benefited from these programs growing up I wholeheartedly support them and can’t