sole girls


My daughter recently started her first semester of Sole Girls; an empowerment program for tween girls with focus not only on issues girls face day to day, what with hormones, growing up, body image and more, but also has a running component. This physical activity addition helps her meet her weekly quota of exercise, but also is building endurance, confidence, and flexibility. Empowering girls, between 8-12, to set goals, be

Sole Girls Registration still open! Run!

If you have a tween girl, or remember that phase, you’ll remember how painful that period of their lives is. Many young girls are already unhappy with their bodies, especially as they change. Some deal with bullying, and mean girls or low self esteem, and many are unsure how to ‘fit in’. All of them, all of our girls, need to find their inner awesome somehow. Every one of our

Sole Girls 5K Run

Vancouver is no stranger to marathons and runs of all sorts whether you run for fun or run for sport – from the Sun Run to Run Up for Down Syndrome to Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Run, there are events for every age, every level, at nearly every time of year! Just check out this impressive list from BC Race Review. But there is one very new, very important, and very