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Llamanoes & In The Ocean fun with Raincoast Books  #PlayTestShare

Spring break is upon us – well at least in our catchment. With kids about to pour out of schools for 2 weeks, I can sense every parent doing the boredom panic. Frantically on the search for things to keep kids entertained and also still learning while having fun! We’ve been lucky enough to share the #PlayTestShare spring fun in the past and this year is we were pretty excited with

Za Za Zoom PlayTestShare

Phew, do you hear that parents? It’s the sound of the first week of school behind us. For many, it means we’re finally into some sort of a semblance of a groove, the rest of us are still floundering pathetically through gradual entry kindergarten and are longing for a routine! Either way, we have really been enjoying the structure school has set out for our family. We have noticed with