Beatrix Girls

What girl doesn’t love a sleepover? I remember having many when I was younger, we’d grab our pillows and blankets, pile into the living room, turn on some music that probably annoyed the crap out of my mom and partied until the last one of us fell asleep. Back then, we didn’t have sleepover sets, so I was intrigued to learn about Beatrix Girls! Created by Popstar Inc., The Beatrix

Barefoot Books

I learned to read at a very early age, thanks to my dad, and have been a bit of a bookworm ever since. I love finding unique books, retellings of classic stories, books that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Often this is through a garage sale, sometimes the library, but usually the books I see, especially for kids, are of well-loved characters, celebrated authors and/or popular among the young set.

EarHoox - The EarBud Cure #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway

I have really weird ear canals, I’ll admit it. I am forever wiggling earbuds back into my ears, grumbling when they fall out when I go running or just giving up and putting on huge headphones just to be able to properly hear my music. Like most people I was hunting for a solution that was cost effective and didn’t involve me buying new earphones just to try them out