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Kidsworld - Your Summer Fun Passport + #Events

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Many of us are already booking family vacations, summer camps for the kids and thinking about other fun ways to keep the dreaded boredom at bay for those two months the children are out of school. I know I am. But even then, there are still empty days during which we are bound to hear “I’m boooooored” from our lamenting littles, often in

BrickCan, Public Lego Exhibition is coming to Vancouver! + #Giveaway

Be still my Lego loving heart, when I heard that BrickCan was coming to Vancouver I will openly admit I might have squealed a little bit! I have been a Lego lover for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of a giant rubbermaid full of a mish-mash of different lego pieces and spending hours building cities, skyscrapers and pretty much everything in between. When I had

Wild Kratts

Since before I had my own children, Chris and Martin Kratt have been bringing creatures big and small into our livingrooms with their comedic edutainment shows like Zoboomafoo and Wild Kratts. With facts about animals and their habitats, great nature footage and in studio animal guests combined with the brothers’ slapstick comedy and comedic devices, kids were not only entertained, but inspired to learn more about creatures and their features.

north pole

Everyone who has a toddler knows what a struggle it can be to get a great photo with Santa. This year was no exception for us. We originally had planned on just going to the mall to see Santa and had some high hopes for a great photo. Nicole was first in line and was so excited to see Santa; that was until Santa arrived. Then you couldn’t convince her