Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Canucks Fever

While it may not have been the best season for our Vancouver Canucks, that didn’t stop our kids from having some amazing once in a lifetime experiences! The kids went to half a dozen games, had a tour of the media room, media centre, locker room and even got to meet the people who make the ice! Hands down, the best experience for them was skating on the ice at

Science World Piano

Sometimes the best memories are those that remind us of our childhood. I remember trips to Science World vividly and my favorite place to dance out the sillies was on the interactive piano. Of course, I remember it being much bigger when I was much smaller… but the memories are there none-the-less, I made sure we spend extra time dancing on the keys, just for mom’s sake. Wordless Wednesday was

Wordless Wednesdays; Generations - Alivia and Aunty Jean

I have to use some words on this Wordless Wednesday; Generations. Nothing is more important then family, cherish the time you have together and make lasting memories. Snap those pictures, listen to those stories and be PRESENT. Love on each other. There’s no time like NOW. Does your family have a huge family tree? Do your kids know generations of grand parents, aunts, uncles, great-everything? I’d love to hear your stories