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Bobs & Lolo: Wave your Antlers - get ready to dance! #review

Alivia is a musical child, anything music on TV grasps her attention and she turns into a zombie, dancing around and singing her little heart out. One of her favorite shows since she was very little has always been Bobs & Lolo, a peppy duo of ladies with upbeat tunes, big sweet smiles and a way of making kids laugh and move with their catchy lyrics. I love that they

Holiday Music Traditions

I will shamelessly admit that I am the mom who is encouraging my child to sing Christmas Carols as soon as possible. I love getting into the holiday spirit pretty much as soon as I can after Halloween and making the season last. Music has always played a huge role in our holiday’s and thanks to Staccato Music Studios, it will continue on this year with their Holiday Sing Along