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Adulting is hard work and can be pretty stressful. This is especially true for those of the parent variety. Not only is there work, rent, bills, social obligations (or maybe anxiety), but there is also the responsibility of nurturing, raising, feeding and loving tiny versions of ourselves, and hoping that against all odds you will not screw up. Sure we can drink, swear, eat in bed, watch movies with ratings

Miss Maddi's

Every morning it’s usually a struggle and a half to get Nicole’s hair brushed and put any clips, bows or hair ties in it. It is a small victory for me on the days she lets me put do anything with her hair because they don’t seem to tend to last very long. Nicole will take them out the first chance she gets…that is if they haven’t fallen out of her

Apples & Bananas

We love parties, but we love Birthday parties the most. I am notorious for going overboard on my themes and trying to find every single item that matches can be quite tiresome, as much as I love having a blow-out party I really don’t like breaking the bank, or having to visit 15 different stores to get everything I need. My time is valuable after all! That’s where Apples &

Homeworks Etc

My daughter is growing up. Her room has gone from Disney princess to Hannah Montana to a tweeny mix of peace signs and skulls. Thankfully, these changes didn’t require anything major like painting walls and I love how quickly a room can be transformed with a swap of accessories. A few accent pillows, wall hangings and such can really impact the look of a space and when it comes to

Let's Make Some Magic Together

British Columbia Mom is a labour of love for two best friends. With 3 kids in tow, writers Tara & Helisa were always on the hunt for family-friendly activities and were often “in the know” with their friends and family as a resource for all things related to kid fun. With a love for writing, British Columbia Mom was born. 4 years later, they’re proud to have worked alongside many